CyberPanel Management Plugin offers integration for multiple cloud services. Hetzner is one of the cheapest yet reliable providers from Germany. Here is how to setup your Hetzner account and CyberPanel Plugin for automatic provisioning and accessing it

Creating an Snapshot Image ID

  • Login to your Hetzner account, if you don’t have one create it by clicking here
  • Once you have signed in/ signed up, create a New Project and enter the maximum limits you want to allot
  • Once the project has been created, open it and click on Add Server
  • At the next screen asking for the details,
    Select any location in section 1
    Select Centos 7 or Centos 8 as OS in section 2
    Select Standard type in section 3
    Select any base server like CX11 in section 4 as it will only be used to create a snapshot
    You can ignore section 5 and 6
    Add a SSH key in step 7 for authentication, if you don’t have one or you don’t add one the root‘s password will be emailed to you
    Give this server any name in section 8
    Click on the Create & Buy Now button
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screencapture-console-hetzner-cloud-projects-489296-servers-create-2020-07-13-15_32_59-735x1024.png
  • Once the server is created, it will be visible in server list, click on it to see details
  • Use the IP address of the server to access it via SSH ( The credentials can be the SSH key you added or the password emailed to you ) or you can open the Web Terminal using Console button
  • Once you have logged in to SSH terminal for the server run the following command
bash <( curl -sk https://raw.githubusercontent.com/litespeedtech/ls-cloud-image/master/Setup/cybersetup.sh )
  • Once the script completes it will show a completion page with default credentials. Run this command
bash <( curl -sk https://raw.githubusercontent.com/litespeedtech/ls-cloud-image/master/Cloud-init/claunch.sh ) 
  • Once that has completed, close the terminal. On Hetzner Console, click on Snapshot in the left sub-menu and once the page loads, click on Take Snapshot
  • As the snapshot Process is complete, got back to Snapshot section. Click the three dots next to the snapshot you took and click on Create New Server
  • The URL of the new page will have an Image ID. Please save this ID as it will be used in the plugin

Creating an API Token

  • Now that we have the Image ID, we can safely discard the server, all we need now is the API key.
  • Go to Security -> API Token and click on Generate API Token
  • Once the API is generated, save the API Token immediately. It will not be displayed ever again.

Configuring CyberPanel plugin with Hetzner as a provider

Go to CyberPanel -> Providers
Select Hetzner as Provider
Use any name according to your convenience
Paste the API Token and Image ID saved in previous processes and click Save

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