Add a Hetzner Product

Before creating a product, be sure to configure Hetzner’s image ID and API Token key as shown here

Once that’s complete, follow these steps to create a new product/server you want to offer

Create a new Product

Go to Products -> New Product from the left WordPress side menu

Give the product a name/title and in the description box below, please provide the specification and any other information you want to share with the potential customers/clients

Select product type as virtual so you don’t have to set up shipping fees. Choose the price you want to charge.

Configuring CyberPanel Plugin for the product

Scroll down to the bottom and the bottom and you will see CyberPanel plugin providing the option to Configure Backend Package for this product

Select the Hetzner provider connection you created in last tutorial and you will be presented with server specs with prices using Hetzner’s API

Details of the hetzner cloud’s pricing and specification can be seen here

Select the product according to the specifications you have mentioned in the description above.

Save and publish the product.

Next time a customer orders it, a new server will be provisioned, CyberPanel will be installed on it and the details will be sent to the customer

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