Welcome to CyberWP. Since you arrived here, you might be wondering what is CyberWP? In simple words, CyberWP is a WordPress plugin developed by the same people who developed CyberPanel.

What this plugin will do?

CyberWP is a complete automation solution to sell hosting or managed services on CyberPanel. It uses Woo Commerce on the back end to manage orders.

  • In our first phase, we’ve added support for Hetzner Cloud. You can connect your Hetzner Cloud account and automate your hosting infrastructure. In the next round, we will add support for DigitalOcean and further cloud providers.
  • This plugin allows you to configure as many WooCommerce products, then configure those WooCommerce products with packages of Cloud Providers and configure your own pricing just like you do with WooCommerce products.
  • On the front end for customers, it also allows them to select which location they want their server on (it depends on the Cloud Provider of the product)